Aluminium Coated Silver Bag

Aluminium Coated Silver Bag

Aluminium Coated Silver Bag

“Aluminium Coated Pouches With Heat Seal
Thickness range from 100 up to 140 microns, depending on volume

Aluminium-coated silver bags are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications where protection from moisture, light, and oxygen is required. Some common uses for these bags include:

  1. Food packaging: Aluminium-coated silver bags are often used to package food items such as coffee, tea, snacks, and dried fruits.
  2. Medical supplies: Aluminium-coated silver bags are used in the medical industry to package and transport sensitive medical supplies, such as diagnostic kits and medical instruments.
  3. Chemicals: These bags are also used to package and transport chemicals and other hazardous materials.

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Aluminium Coated Silver Bag

Sometimes a zip-lock or a tear notch is not enough. In that case, you might consider a specialised heat seal pouch for your product. This flat pouch boasts a silver matt colour, which is eye-catching and easy to spot, making it a fantastic way of advertising your product. And yet the most important element of this packaging is the heat seal – strong, durable and easy to use! This sachet also has very good weld ability, which is the most important characteristic for this kind of packaging.

Product Aluminium Coated Silver Bag
Material Made Of Polyester Film
Protect Food From Moisture, light, and oxygen
Function Coffee, tea, snacks, and dried fruits
Size Sizes available from 100gms to 3kg packing
MOQ 300 Kgs
Lead Time  2-3 weeks


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