Kraft Lunch Boxes

Kraft Lunch Boxes

Product Name Kraft Lunch Boxes
Material High-quality Food Board 350Gsm
Sizes Any size we can make
Comes in various Patterns and sizes,
Function Box is ideal for Waffles, Pasta, Sandwich & Salad
Minimum Order 3000 pcs- With any type of customisation
Production Time 14 days

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1.Kraft lunch boxes have versatile uses and are popular for various reasons
Kraft lunch boxes are ideal for canteens and school cafeterias.
Whether it’s a hot lunch or a cold salad, these boxes accommodate different food items.
2. Takeaway and Delivery:
  • Restaurants and food trucks use kraft lunch boxes for takeaway and delivery orders.
  • They keep the food secure during transit.
  • The boxes are leakproof, ensuring sauces and dressings stay contained.
  • Whether it’s a sandwich, a pasta dish, or a salad, these boxes hold just the right amount.


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