Paper Cup With Gold Foil Stamping

Paper Cup With Gold Foil Stamping

Product Name Paper Cup with gold foil stamping
Material Food grade paper with PE coating 318+300
Sizes 4 oz ( 115 ml), 8 Oz (240 ml), 12 oz (350 ml), 16 oz (450 ml), 20 oz (550 ml)
Function For Coffee, Tea, & for any hot serving beverages.
Minimum Order 5,000 Pcs
Production Time 14 days

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Paper Cup With Gold Foil Stamping

  • EXTRA STURDY: Our Paper Cup With Gold/Silver Foil Stamping are made of high-density food grade paper with PE coating 318+300 , which means they won’t leak onto your clothes or floors even during long parties.
  •  GORGEOUS DESIGN WITH ELEGANT TONE: Cups are made with standardisation of government regulatory for cold or hot drinks for Cafe, restaurant & resort for Uae & for all over Gcc countries..
  • The gold foil gives the cup an elegant and upscale appearance, making it a popular choice for special events and occasions.
  • Our Gold foil cups is available in various sizes, ranging from small 4 oz cups to larger 20 oz cups, making it suitable for different types of drinks.
  • The cup is typically paired with a plastic lid to prevent spills and provide additional insulation.


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