Wrapping Paper Grease Proof / PE Coated

Wrapping Paper Grease Proof / PE Coated

Product Name

Wrapping Paper Grease Proof / PE Coated Food Wraps
Material Grease Proof / PE Coated 35-40gsm
Sizes in cm 25×35 / 30×35 / 35×35 / 30×40 / 35×40
Function it can be use to wrap sandwich, burger, shawarma & many more
Minimum Order 25,000 Pcs
Production Time 14 days

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Food grade quality sandwich paper sheets. The Wrapping Paper Oil Proof Food Wraps is special for food wrapping, it will achieve package and decoration double effects. Made of Food grade wax paper, Safe for partnering with food by wrapping sandwiches or lining plastic baskets, can be assured use..

  • You are proud of your unique food and you want people to know it. When they bite your food, they will remember your colours, your logo and how it’s delicious by put your food on Sandwich Paper.
  • Custom printed Sandwich Paper will increase walking traffic to your stores, marketing and build brand name for your food.
  • Sandwich Paper can be use to present French fried, hamburger, pizza, wings or taco.


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