Customized Wet Towel Single Pack

Customized Wet Towel Single Pack

Wet towel in individual packaging with varieties of fragrance.

We have chosen the most elegant and luxurious perfumes to match every person style and taste.

And we continue to partner with our retailers and distributors to address consumers need.


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Best for Cleansing and hand and Face Wash, Individually wrapped,

They are ready to use for any and all occasions: airline travel, restaurants, weddings, after-workout clean-up, poolside, doctor’s offices, and more!

Product Name

Wet Towel
Ingredients RO Water
Fragrance Customized ( Unscented / Mint / Lavender / Lemon)
Function Daily cleaning
Size 23*23 cm / 30*30 cm
MOQ 10,000 Pcs
Delivery Date 10-15 days



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