Ice Cream Paper Cup

Ice Cream Paper Cup

Custom branded ice cream cups

Product Name  Ice Cream Cup
Material Food grade paper with PE coating 318 Gsm
Sizes 4 oz ( 115 ml), 8 Oz (240 ml), 12 oz (350 ml), 16 oz (450 ml)
Function For ice cream & frozen desert
Minimum Order 5,000 Pcs
Production Time 14 days

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Custom branded ice cream cups

  • Branding: Customised ice cream cups can be personalised with a brand’s logo, design, or message, which helps to promote the business and create brand recognition.
  • Differentiation: Customised ice cream cups can help differentiate a business from competitors. Unique and well-designed cups can make a lasting impression on customers, leading to increased brand loyalty.
  • Matt or glossy surface? Your choice! Order your ice cream cups in either glossy or matte finish and complete your shop’s visual appearance!
  • Multipurpose ice cream cup with Logo: Our ice cream cups are coated with PE-plastic, which makes them suitable for both liquids and foods such as frozen yogurt, cut fruit, ice cream, soft ice cream etc
  • Unlimited colour combinations with full-colour printing! Our ice cream cups are printed in the commonly used offset-print. The colour system that we use is full colour-print (CMYK). CMYK is short for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), and is the most common colour system used by manufacturers of packaging with print and other printed matters.
  • Ice cream cup sizes: As part of our standard selection of ice cream cups, we offer 4 different sizes;

100 ml – 4 Oz Ideal for 1 ball of ice cream
200 ml – 8 Oz Ideal for 3 balls of ice cream – This is also our most used size
300 ml – 12 Oz This is primarily used as the largest size in ice cream shops.
400 ml – 16 Oz This is primarily used by Frozen yogurt shops

  • Expand your selection with more designs – in smaller quantities By ordering ice cream with minimum quantities starting from 5,000 pcs. you can continually renew your designs as you see fit and perhaps even match the colours of your ice cream cups with the season’s latest colour trends? Only your creativity sets the limit!

Contact our Superior Pack team today for guidance and help with designing your own personalised ice cream cups with print.

  • Cost-effective: Customised ice cream cups can be ordered in bulk, which can help lower the cost per unit and make them a cost-effective packaging solution.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers enjoy using customised ice cream cups as they add an extra touch to their experience. It can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a positive image of the business.

Overall, customised ice cream cups can help promote a business, increase brand recognition, and differentiate a business from competitors. They are also a versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly packaging solution that can help improve customer satisfaction.


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