Aluminium Foil 1 kg x 45cm

Aluminium Foil 1 kg x 45cm

Aluminium Foil

 Superior Pack aluminium foil comes with stylish packaging and convenient-to-use comb, this aluminium foil is the excellent complement to your bustling cooking!

  1. Food storage and preservation: Aluminium foil is often used to wrap and store food items such as leftovers, sandwiches, and fruits to keep them fresh for longer periods.
  2. Cooking and baking: Aluminium foil is used in cooking and baking for wrapping and lining food items such as meat, fish, vegetables, and baking trays to prevent them from sticking and to distribute heat evenly.
  3. Grilling and barbecuing: Aluminium foil is used to wrap food items such as corn, potatoes, and meat for grilling or barbecuing to prevent them from burning or sticking to the grill.

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Aluminium Foil

Our heavy duty aluminium foil is commonly used in packaging due to its excellent barrier properties, which help to protect the contents from moisture, air, light, and bacteria.

Product Aluminium Foil
Material Made Of Polyester Film
Protect Food From Moisture, light, and oxygen & ideal for packaging and preserving food items
Function For wraps, snacks and provides a protective barrier against moisture, air, light, and bacteria
Size Sizes available in 1 kg 30 & 45 cm, 2.5 kg 30 & 45 cm, Packing (1×6 pcs)
MOQ  As per requirement
Lead Time available in stock


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