PET Juice Bottle with Black Cap

PET Juice Bottle with Black Cap

Product Name  PET Juice Bottle with Black Cap
Material PET Clear
Sizes PET Round Bottle – 300 & 400 ml
PET Square Bottle -120/250/330 ml
PET Straight Bottle -300/350/400 ml
Printing Direct UV Printing
Minimum Order 1000 pcs
Production Time 7 days

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PET juice bottles with black caps are commonly used for packaging and serving various beverages.


    • Capacity: Available in different sizes, typically ranging from 120 to 500ml.
    • Shape: Some PET juice bottles have a square shape, maximizing storage and display space.


    • Juices and Smoothies: Ideal for packaging fresh juices, smoothies, and other beverages.
    • Catering and Events: Suitable for events, parties, and takeout services.


  • The clear PET material allows customers to see the vibrant colors of the beverages.
  • Black caps provide a secure seal and prevent leaks.


    • You can add your brand logo or labels to personalize the bottles.
    • Consider using them for cold-pressed juices,


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