Disposable Cutlery Set

Disposable Cutlery Set

Product Name Disposable Cutlery Set
Quality Cutlery Set Black
Cutlery Set White / Clear
Cutlery Set Wooden
Cutlery Set Bio Compostable
Printing 1-4 color printing on cutlery wrapper
Minimum Order with printing 10,000 set of cutlery set
Minimum Order without printing 5,000 set of cutlery set
Production Time 2 weeks

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Disposable Cutlery Set

Disposable Cutlery Set are indispensable part of take away orders. It does not matter what your food is, plastic cutlery sets offer a good solution by providing disposable cutleries, any kind of seasoning and cleaning agents such as wet wipe or napkin. Determine what you need, let us combine them for you and promote your brand.


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